Saturday, January 10, 2009

Johnny Castle Bulge and Underwear

These pics are for the legions of you who are looking for Johnny Castle's bulge and underwear. I totally understand your obsession :-)

Anyways, that bulge is soo in need of a handjob. But you have to get in line if you want to be the lucky one doing it. Want more naked pics of our Johnny? I posted it earlier.

How's your sex life? Why don't you spice it up with some of the world's bestest adult toys? Go ahead, and order that 8-inch dildo for yourself or to use with a partner. Then add some lubricants to make things hot and easy (go for the Astroglide which Barbara Walter prefers according to the our girl Kathy Griffin). Then don't forget some condoms to keep things safe. Then send us pics of yourself using them toys :-)


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