Friday, January 9, 2009

Naked Polish Men: Footballer Artur Boruc

Yay, a hunk with a capital H. I always like them footballers. Some basic info about Artur from wikipedia:

Artur Boruc (pron. [ˈartur ˈbɔruts]; born February 20, 1980 in Siedlce) is a Polish football player. He is a professional goalkeeper for Celtic and also represents the Poland national football team. On October 20, 2008, Artur Boruc was one of 55 players (including 5 goalkeepers) shortlisted for the FIFPro World XI Player Awards.

We should give props to Artur for saving a pregnant woman attacked by thugs. Story after the jump.

By Lynn Mcpherson & David Taylor

CELTIC star Artur Boruc was hailed a hero last night after rescuing a pregnant Pole from racist thugs.

The brave goalie saved Magda Kucko, 27, who is due to give birth within days, after she was attacked by three louts and their vicious Doberman dogs.

Last night, she said: "Artur is a very brave man, a hero. I cannot bear to think what might have happened if he had not been there for us. We will never forget his courage."

The thugs taunted Magda with vile racist abuse before assaulting her as she walked through a Glasgow park with her sister and brother-in-law.

By chance, Artur was nearby. He angrily confronted the gang - one woman and two men who threatened to release two snarling Doberman dogs - in Elder Park, Govan.

Magda's terrified brother-in-law Janusz Lizok, 39, had his ear bitten by one of the men, who then punched him to the ground.

And Magda fell after being struck on the back of her head by a beer can thrown by the female thug, who kicked her in the back.

Her sister Halina, 39, was punched in the face.

But 6ft 4in Artur, rushed to the group's aid after hearing desperate Magda's cries for help during the attack in Govan.

He had been visiting his cousin - a neighbour of the family - and managed to free Janusz, 39, before angrily confronting his attackers, who fled.

The big-hearted star insisted on driving Magda, whose baby is due on Wednesday, to hospital in his car. Last night modest Artur, 27, played down his courage claiming: "I am not a hero. I just did what any ordinary person would have done."

Shocked Magda, who is still too afraid to leave her house, said: "I had no idea who he was.

"My husband Woitek told me later he was a famous footballer but I am very grateful to him.

"I know my husband wants to say a big thank you to Artur."

The attack happened as Magda, whose sister and brother-in-law were visiting Scotland for the first time, walked through the park near her home last Sunday at around 3pm.

She said: "We were walking from the underground to meet my husband, who was with our 18-month-old daughter Maya.

"We could hear the group singing songs. They had beer cans and were obviously drunk, so we avoided eye contact.

"But they ran after us. They must have heard us speaking Polish because they shouted, 'Why don't you go home', and, 'Stop stealing our jobs.' They jumped on my brother-in-law and started to beat him up.

"One of them bit him on his ear. I tried to call the police and the girl attacked me. She hit me on the head with a beer can. I was stunned and fell to the ground

"She knew I was pregnant, because at first she had shouted to the men to leave me alone. I think she was on drugs, because she was smiling the whole time.

"My sister came over to try and help me and the girl punched her.

"I don't even remember shouting for help as I was in shock and couldn't see out of one eye but Artur Boruc came rushing over.

"He took off his watch and gave it tome as if he was going to launch in and fight the men. He managed to get my brother-in-law away from them, split them up and then calmed down the situation.

"The gang had two scary-looking Doberman dogs with them and threatened to release them."

At this point, Magda's horrified husband, construction worker Woitek, 26, arrived. He said: "I've been in Scotland since January 2006 and have never come across anything like this before.

"Magda was in shock and Artur insisted on taking us to hospital to have her checked out.

"He contacted us later to check she was OK. It's good to know there are people like him around." A traumatised Magda, originally from Ketrzyn, near Gdansk, was kept in overnight at Glasgow's Suthern General Hospital by medics worried about her high blood pressure.

She has now been given a clean bill of health - and the couple have pledged not to let the experience put them off Scotland. Magda, who has a degree in child psychology, said: "We think the Scots are a great people, and they have been so friendly to us.

"I hope the police catch the people who did it as until they do I won't feel very safe."

Police confirmed they are still investigating the incident in Govan, which has a growing Polish community. Glasgow's Polish community leader Aleksandr Alfer, 66, said: "This is a rare incident. Scottish people have been nothing but welcoming to Polish people."

Polish international Artur, 26, lives with his stunning blonde wife Katarzyna in a Glasgow penthouse. The glamorous couple have been labelled Poland's Posh and Becks.

He has been a sensation for Celtic since his arrival from Legia Warsaw in July 2006.

A Celtic spokesman said: "Artur did what he felt was the right thing to do and we are pleased he was able to help."

'They heard us speaking Polish and shouted at us.. then they jumped on my brother-in-law and one bit him on his ear'

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